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Youth Radio Connecticut
  • Youth Radio Connecticut is youth program that blends learning, recording, publishing, web archiving and the "live presentation"of youth media.
  • Richard Hill runs Youth Radio Connecticut and I am his assistant and associate producer.
  • Visit Youth Radio Connecticut here:
In 2003 I had been working as a recording engineer for Richard Hill's hard-hitting Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Bolero, Cha-cha and Latin Jazz group Mikata. During those sessions, Richard and I established a great working relationship that evolved into a wonderful friendship.

In 2005, Richard began a journey to fulfill a vision of establishing a Youth Radio platform for High School and Middle School students in Connecticut. In order to bring his vision to complete fruition, he enlisted my assistance. I am delighted he did. It continues to be a wonderful process that Richard and I go through every year. Since Youth Radio Connecticut started, we have published over thirty-seven shows that feature news and views from Connecticut's youth community.

Here is an excerpt from Youth Radio Connecticut by Richard Hill:
Partnering with a colleague ...

During the course of developing this project, I enlisted the expertise of
Geno Heiter. Geno is a trusted colleague with a great ear and knack for all types of audio production. I had worked with Geno in the past and I was confident that his years of production work, and experience as a musician, performer and teacher, would naturally offer insightful reflection and consideration regarding all aspects of the finished production of the different Road Radio Shows showcased and archived on Youth Radio Connecticut.

I am delighted to report that from the start, Geno has demonstrated his devotion to my concept of youth radio through his thoughtful recommendations and technological contributions during the production of the twenty ECA radio shows, the Hooker Middle School Radio Show and the Youth Radio Connecticut web site. I'm also proud to say that our collaboration has been as enjoyable as it is productive.